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The Teams

Samba Sunrise

Team Samba Sunrise

Samba Sunrise is a fun-loving trio of girls who met during an island holiday and were inspired by the natural beauty of the land to rebuild a ruined court, igniting their quest to spread the spirit of summer and joy.

Black Mercury

Team Black Mercury

A gang of heartless mercenaries, Black Mercury, sees only the potential for profit and power in HoopWorld. They want to find all the pieces of the magic armor that will give them control over armies of Shadowskulls.

Sylent Tragedy

Team Sylent Tragedy

Sylent Tragedy’s members stumbled on a HoopWorld site by accident, but were immediately infused by its mysterious atmosphere. Its dark beauty and raw energy has given them dreams of spreading a wild, crazy outdoor party across the entire world.


Team Kalans

The Kalans are a race of magical golems built from natural materials as guardians of HoopWorld temples. After millennia of lying dormant, they have been re-awakened as the guardians and arbitrators of the time-honored challenge of the ancients.


Team Shadowskulls

The Shadowskulls are the incarnation of all that was dark in the ancient race that built HoopWorld. Now awakened from their magical prison, they seek revenge against their creators’ legacy, and use the power of HoopWorld for evil.

Sunset Riders

Team Sunset Riders

The Sunset Riders protect their land with great reverence for its natural beauty, and will let no one mistreat it. Their goal is to ensure all HoopWorld sites are preserved and isolated from the destruction of the modern world.

The Pathfinders

The Pathfinders Team

The Pathfinders search for knowledge and answers, looking to piece together the puzzle that is HoopWorld. With their discovery of a jungle temple and unstoppable curiosity, they are sure to go far on their quest.